Monday, February 4, 2008

Does Microsoft + Yahoo = Big Impact Open Source?

Why would you want to read yet another post/article/commentary/rant on the possibility of a Microsoft + Yahoo! union? Perhaps you're a glutton for punishment, perhaps curiosity demands you click. Either way, here's an interesting clip from the post How Microsoft-Yahoo Will Affect Open Source:

jammag writes: "If the marriage of Microsoft and Yahoo were to be consummated, GNU/Linux would be hindered, argues Roy Schestowitz. Yahoo's funding of open source initiatives would dry up. Yahoo, which acquired Zimbra, would lose its love for the open source competitor of Microsoft Outlook. The list goes on..." Read more here:

From the original post How Would GNU/Linux Users Be Affected by Yahoo-Microsoft Merger? comes this enticing intro:

Articles about Microsoft's bid have probably tired you to death by now, but this article discusses one particular aspect of the potential takeover, namely its effect on GNU/Linux and BSD users. Here's a point-by-point analysis of the impact, covering several of the key issues...

Key issues covered include:

  • Funding to the Source
  • Duplication Makes Convergence
  • Open Source Zimbra
  • Lights Out for LAMP and FreeBSD?
  • Web Browser Support
  • Silverlight in Yahoo?
  • Moderation Policies
  • Ways Forward and Conclusion

Read more here:

Yep, the beat goes on..

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