Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tech & Biz Buzz: Microsoft makes changes to Office Live

Ina Fried has an interesting technology post: Microsoft makes changes to Office Live. It's an interesting overview of the coming changes to Microsoft's Office Live service offering. New service plans will be released and some previously paid options will be offered as free, options to add services/features as needed and more changes are expected.
Microsoft is making a series of changes to its Office Live Small Business service, offering some previously paid-for services free, while adding a new charge for domain name registration after the first year. Domain name registration will continue to be free for the first year. But each subsequent year Microsoft will charge $14.95, though it will add the ability for so-called private registration, where customers can keep their personal information out of the public Whois database.Microsoft said that those who have already signed up for Office Live will continue to have their domain name registered for free "in perpetuity."
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