Sunday, January 27, 2008

Learn about the SocialRank Blog Rating Service

Mike Moran has a great post on SocialRank, a Blog Rating Service, that includes an interview with Vishen Lakhiani "co-founder of MindValley, the Internet marketing company behind Blinklist and SocialRank". Here's an excerpt:
Typically, a new communication tactic emerges before anyone knows how to measure its value, and blogs have been no exception. You can look at your Technorati rank, or use FeedBurner to measure your subscriptions, but you should expect more metrics to emerge in this new field. One such emerging metric is fromSocialRank, whose badge I display on my site. (My blog breaks into the top 100 marketing blogs now and then.) SocialRank is self-described as the new Web 2.0 network to discover the top stories of the blogosphere within your areas of interest. To learn more about SocialRank, check out this interview with one of its co-founders.
You can read more of this great post here:

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