Sunday, January 27, 2008

Learn How To: share your DirectTV media

Want to share your DirectTV media files? Check out this great step-by-by post from Invert Your Mind: Directv media sharing
  1. Ensure that you network layout is correct by plugging in a computer to the cat5 cable you will put into the Directv DVR
  2. Attach network cable to Directv DVR
  3. Reboot Directv DVR (red button next to card)
  4. Enable and test network using Setup->Network->Connect Now and also Setup->Network->Test
  5. Turn on the media server PC and install Windows Media Player 11
  6. Open My Computer and share your My Music folder by clicking “Share this Folder” on the left side
  7. Turn off Windows firewall
  8. IMPORTANT! Open My Network Places and click “Show icons for networked UPnP devices” on the left hand side
  9. Reboot Directv DVR again
  10. Open Windows Media Player 11 and click the menu under Library called Media Sharing
  11. Check the share checkbox and the new devices checkbox
  12. You should also see “Unknown Device” in the list and click on that
  13. Hit okay and you should now see the Music and Videos option on the Directv DVR menu

Read more here:

Original post from the blog Invert Your Mind LINK: Directv media sharing


Anonymous said...

All Set up. How do you access the media on the dvr?

Anonymous said...

Or install TVersity on your PC and ignore the Micro$oft trash.

Avcap DVR said...
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David said...

can i turn back on the firewall when i am done

Adam Scott said...

thanks for this information i also finding this information and u give me so thanks and i also find information about Security System.

bzbit said...

I had a lot of trouble getting WMP working. Then I tried TVShare. It works great.

It's written just for Directv receivers.