Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tech Trends: More 2008 Technology Predictions

Predictions for this new year abound, especially lists of 2008 technology trends (see 2008 IT Management Trends - Seven Hot Acronyms In IT) and so it's no surprise that folks are already distilling these lists with their own thoughts. In 2008 Technology Predictions Ken Sipe posts his own list:
So after a month of reading a number of articles making there 2008 predictions, I feel compelled to share my predictions. I have the added advantage which comes to those who procrastinate... however there isn't much new over the last month.
  1. Larger portion of the Java community will move towards Java 5 /6, taking advantage of more of the language changes.
  2. Increased adoption of groovy users
  3. Spring framework increases in use... leaving in their dust SEAM and Guice.
  4. Spring MVC and Webflow becomes the new Struts (from a popularity standpoint) 1. It will come down to WebFlow and JSF 2. It will be interesting to see what grails does to this prediction
  5. Late 2008 will have a number of negative news feeds on SOA. 1. This will be geared around failure of large initiatives. 2. It may be 2009... depends on the economy
  6. Flex use increases 1. MSFT will start the get the RIA facts in an effort to take over this space.
  7. Vista will continue to have trouble 1. It will be interesting to see what MSFT does when the XP isn't available for purchase any more. ** With the OEM ending in June 2008, I expect that MSFT will extend it... after a period of pain :)
  8. JBoss and OSS in general will increase in use. 1. The economy will be the driver for this.
Read more here: http://www.nofluffjuststuff.com/tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7461275049781191261.post-5684393914108418725 This list is slanted towards software development and technical folks, but it's a solid one nonetheless. Here are additional 2008 business and technology lists:

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