Monday, February 11, 2008

Text to Speech App VozMe - Convert Any Text To MP3

Some interesting info from Gina at lifehacker on a text-to-speech app called VozMe:
There's still no getting around the fact that text-to-speech conversion doesn't sound quite, well, human. VozMe, a free text-to-speech web app, sounds better than you'd expect for a free web service, and is pretty convenient to use. Simply paste text into a web form from any source, hit the "Create MP3" button, and you can then listen through a Flash-based player or download an MP3 for later listening. VozMe can also be embedded in web sites or used through an iGoogle gadget, and while you still won't mistake VozMe for a friendly voice, it gets the job done with decent pronunciation, and without any two-program hacks.

Read more here:

After reviewing the comments following the post, this app might not be the best tool. There are other suggestions but most require download and even those tools sounded less than perfect. If you have any solid text-to-speech converson tools/apps to suggest or recommend - leave a comment.

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